The Upside of No New Breakthroughs

Nate Ginsburg
3 min readJan 7, 2021


My amazing villa on Koh Phangan. 70% covid discount ;)

I just returned from an amazing two week down on the Thai islands.

To unplug. To reflect. To plan.

My third such trip of 2020.

The first two trips to Koh Phangan this year were transformational.

Downloading key life insights. Catalysts for changes in my trajectory. Including what likely led to me publishing this post right now.

Some serious up-leveling.

So I left for my latest KPG trip with curious anticipation at what this trip would deliver.

During my quarterly trips I don’t do any work.

Instead I fill my brain with content and activities to get me in the optimal state to reflect on the last months. And assess and adjust the course for the future.

My trip started according to plan.

Listening to The Bhagavad Gita, Mikey Singer, Tony Robbins, David Hawkins, Ken Wilber and Victor Frankl.

Lots of yoga, biking and beach sunsets. Some psychedelics.

Intentional time reflecting.

On my previous trips I left with a new unlocked piece of the puzzle of my life.

Helping me to better understand who I am, how I want to live, what I want to do etc

On this trip though, as I reflected on my quarter and year…

Looking back on the year month by month and pulling out wins and lessons.

Reviewing the progress in the different areas of my Life Book..

Thinking about the ONE THINGs I should double down on..

My biggest breakthrough was..

..that I didn’t have any new breakthroughs 😁

And this lack of new breakthroughs felt really good.

It gave me confidence that I’m already doing what I should be doing.

That I don’t need to make drastic changes to my course.

Better than having constant new breakthroughs is realizing that you are already on the path that you want to be on.

While this is less exciting than a big transformation..

It’s more grounded. Aligned. Stable.

I’m grateful for the work Ive put in this year (and previous years) to be intentional about what I’m doing with my life. And who I’m becoming.

It’s been a wild year. So much changes.

Now it’s not about figuring out what to do..

It’s about doing it. Continuing to do the work.

This is why weekly, quarterly and yearly planning is SO critical.

And evaluating your life from all the angles that are important to you.

So you can carve out your path.

That you want to stay on. Indefinitely.

The most moving lessons you only need to realize once. Then you don’t have to keep searching.

You just live your life. Content knowing that you are on the right path.

It’s impossible to know this without investing in introspection and self-inquiry.

That’s why it blows my mind that so many people don’t do it.

The takeaway here is reflect, plan and adjust.

Weekly, quarterly, yearly.

It’s been SO good for me. And evolved over the years to really work.

Anyway. Hope you all had a great holidays!

And are excited. As I am.

To get back to doing your work ✊🏻



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